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  1. It was a bag of edibles - say 30 or so small candies about the size of a gummy bear. It’s 100% CBD (no THC) with a total of 100 mg of CBD. Morning after my post, same results (no attacks or shadows).
  2. Background: In 2012 I had my first cycle not knowing what it was, with the neurologist, chalked it up to stress as it ended after a couple months. In 2014 my second cycle started, this time I knew what it was and confirmed with a different neurologist. Started reactive meds like imitrex but struggled through it. In 2016 my third bout, I did oxygen and imitrex but was not consistent and struggled through it. The management was stressful and a "woe is me" attitude kept it lingering for months. In May of 2019, it started again and this time I took a much more positive approa
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