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  1. Background: In 2012 I had my first cycle not knowing what it was, with the neurologist, chalked it up to stress as it ended after a couple months. In 2014 my second cycle started, this time I knew what it was and confirmed with a different neurologist. Started reactive meds like imitrex but struggled through it. In 2016 my third bout, I did oxygen and imitrex but was not consistent and struggled through it. The management was stressful and a "woe is me" attitude kept it lingering for months. In May of 2019, it started again and this time I took a much more positive approach. Got oxygen right away, got the cluster mask and imitrex. I've been diligent in getting oxygen at the first sign and imitrex when needed. In all my bouts, I have many 5-7's and a few 8-9's. Two days ago, I decided to try edible's that are CBD only. In total I've taken what totals 1 gummy bear. And since then, I have had no attacks and most of the last 24 hours has been zero shadows, zero other aches in the head. It's like it has gone away completely (but I'm not banking on that). So I'm pretty happy right now but don't expect this bout to be over in 4 weeks and 2 days of one CBD gummy bear. But I did want to share this story in case anyone else is contemplating. If nothing else, it has kept my spirits up.
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    Knock on wood...CBD is working for me

    It was a bag of edibles - say 30 or so small candies about the size of a gummy bear. It’s 100% CBD (no THC) with a total of 100 mg of CBD. Morning after my post, same results (no attacks or shadows).