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  1. ex_spud

    2019 Conference how is/was it?

    Thank you to all that made the conference happen, and all that attended. It was my first one, but won't be my last. So much great information that it can't all be consumed in one weekend. To meet (in person) so many of the people that together pulled me from the abyss 3 years ago was overwhelming. I've never choked back so many tears, time after time. I do have one question regarding the venue, did everyone's reading room have the same deluxe lighting as mine did? Ed
  2. ex_spud

    Continuing Education Course/Section

    Thanks Batch, It's amazing from reading posts, how many neuros need more CH info. I would think those courses would cover CH pretty well? I'm wondering if there is a condensed version anywhere that helps a non-headache specialist recognize that a patient probably has CH, so that they could refer them to a neuro. I'm thinking 5 minutes in a required core course (if there is such a thing) that would describe the unique symptoms. It could advise the student to refer the patient to a neuro AND prescribe O2 on the spot! Ed
  3. Is anyone aware of any State that includes a section on how to recognize CH, in a required CE course for a health professional license renewal? Nurses, MDs, Chiropractors, etc.