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  1. There is also D3. I started it last fall and then stopped. I don't know if I was part of a small percentage of people that have a bad reaction, or if it was a coincidence, but I had a big spike right then. I know it helps a lot of people. I started taking it again after my cycle wound down and still am. I'm hoping it may stop or delay the next one. Anyone else, do you take the D3 regimen all the time, in cycle and out?
  2. Thanks Denny for sending me a note. Hi Fern. My doctor is Alyssa Lettich at Intermountain Health Care. 801-507-9800 at the hospital in Murray. I think she is good. Her first order of business will be to get you an O2 prescription. It amazes me the struggle many people have with that no-brainer. Appointments are usually a couple of months out. But, she tells the receptionist to get CH patients in immediately. Not all receptionists receive the memo, so ask them to check with the doctor and call you back if they keep telling you 2 months. I like that you're planning ahead. I ne
  3. Thanks Batch, It's amazing from reading posts, how many neuros need more CH info. I would think those courses would cover CH pretty well? I'm wondering if there is a condensed version anywhere that helps a non-headache specialist recognize that a patient probably has CH, so that they could refer them to a neuro. I'm thinking 5 minutes in a required core course (if there is such a thing) that would describe the unique symptoms. It could advise the student to refer the patient to a neuro AND prescribe O2 on the spot! Ed
  4. Is anyone aware of any State that includes a section on how to recognize CH, in a required CE course for a health professional license renewal? Nurses, MDs, Chiropractors, etc.
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