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  1. Brain on fire

    Electronic Aspirin

    Permanent implant, yikes! Curious... Does it include a personal barcode?
  2. Brain on fire

    2019 Patient Conference

    Would one who can't afford the conference without a scholarship complete registration after the scholarships are awarded?
  3. Brain on fire

    2019 Patient Conference

    Thanks DD, hopeful I can attend.
  4. Brain on fire


    Hi Ace, I second what spiny said. I know recently the FDA issued a warning about contaminated Kratom & you don't always know what you are getting is Kratom! In regards to CPTSD, I have it. I had it long before I started having cluster headaches.
  5. Brain on fire

    My Cluster Headaches are finally gone for good.

    Success varies by person. I do Chinese calligraphy. In order to do so I must reach a highly meditative state. A Zen state if you will. I have tried this meditative state for my chronic cluster headaches without success. I wish all success with whatever works.
  6. Brain on fire

    Joined the CCH club !

    Hey Siegfried, welcome to the chronic club. BTW great attitude!
  7. Brain on fire

    Eye dominance & cluster headaches?

    Thanks for contributing. Search the web for ocular dominance & test yours. My right eye Rx changes, left eye dominant.
  8. Brain on fire

    2019 Patient Conference

    Scholarships to attend?
  9. Brain on fire

    Eye dominance & cluster headaches?

    Are there connections? Please chime in. I am (strongly) left eye dominant. My cluster headaches are on the left side. I am right hand dominant.
  10. Brain on fire


    During my triathlon days it did not matter if it was a cold day out or over 100° with 80% humidity it made it worse. I still spend a great deal of time outdoors, it helps increase my vitamin D levels a bit & makes me happy Sticking my butt in the air JUST to achieve a yoga pose... No!
  11. Brain on fire

    Migraine Cluster Ping Pong

    Hope you are doing better MG.
  12. Brain on fire

    Cluster rules

    We all have different 'washing istructions' (e.g. gentle cycle-do not wring or twist).
  13. Brain on fire

    Cluster rules

    Take it down, don't let it you down. Fab idea Moxie!
  14. Brain on fire

    Cluster headaches and crying

    I'm in the tears streaming down my face when I get hit group.
  15. Brain on fire

    Skin pain

    I have it all the time without the eye pain, on the opposite side of my Ch & not as severe. In my case it was an injury site from the TBI 2 years ago.