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  1. Brain on fire

    Please can someone help!

    I live Southern, I keep my D level up by a tremondous amount of exposure to the Sun. Sunlight & fresh air do the body good. Understand the anxiety would be an issue. Completely understand not wanting to take meds long term.
  2. Brain on fire

    14year Episodic CH'er with Breakthrough

    Former tri-athelete, can require some level of psychosis.
  3. Brain on fire

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Bob, J, Pebbles etc. set the bar high. Thanks for the reminders. I do hope people will continue to come, share & the initial poster remains in remission.
  4. Brain on fire

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Best of luck on your next forum.
  5. Brain on fire


    Some folks have MDs who will challenge insurance companies, some pay out of pocket for medical oxygen & some get welders oxygen. If you get some your weekend will be much better.
  6. Brain on fire

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    A quick search here shows welding oxygen appeared in the existing forum 8 years prior to @DragonKiller's post under the previous user name in the post referenced with then user name @GoggleEye which @DragonKiller shared. Note in that post (November 2018) was using oxygen. Contrary to being pain free for over a year as stated in the 1st post of this thread. Could not blow the parasite out. Blew the parasite out (see status update for reference). Imaging would have indeed shown a foreign body whether it was located in the nostril, brain, liver or lungs (also in the status update).
  7. Brain on fire


    My MD (Prmary care) wrote it as soon as I requested it. He offered it as soon as I was diagnosed but I'm disabled & knew Medicare wouldn't cover it. Sometimes 'a way' just comes from out of the blue.
  8. Brain on fire


    Oh my, step 1 ask your Md for the Rx. Oxygen is waaaaay better than what you have now.
  9. Brain on fire


    Sorry to hear that. Any luck getting oxygen?
  10. Brain on fire


    The results with CBD appear to be lack luster at best.
  11. Brain on fire

    Demand Valve O2

    Way to go folks! Share the knowledge (and support)!
  12. Brain on fire

    Cycle finally over

    That is one of my favorite things to see here, new member showing support.
  13. Brain on fire

    Just diagnosed clusterhead in need of a oxygen mask

    Still having success with your aborts @Bass1802?
  14. Was it him or his character?
  15. Brain on fire

    Let me introduce myself

    Hi @piambro just checking in.
  16. Brain on fire

    Prednisone Not Working

    How are you guys?
  17. Brain on fire

    Santa is a clusterhead?

    @spiny me? Never. Plenty of time before Christmas!
  18. Brain on fire

    Sumatriptan Injection Site (Low BF%)

    @CHfather have we thanked you lately? Thank you!
  19. Brain on fire


    Hey @Luis how are you?
  20. Brain on fire

    14year Episodic CH'er with Breakthrough

    Hmm oxygen or exercise... I like exercise but it never helped my CH. Glad it works for you.
  21. Brain on fire

    Please can someone help!

    Welcome @Emmalou read & ask lots of guestions, this forum saved my life & I'm far from the only one.
  22. Brain on fire

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    My anticipation has been replaced with boredom. I'm not willing to wait for the reveal or give any further attention whatsoever to the revealee. Out
  23. Brain on fire

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Uh oh, issues (plural)... Anticipation... I've been researching parasites, outside of the forum. I completed the post reveal follow up assignment long ago & don't need a refresher. I'm prepared. I did not do research in preparation for a no show... Or did I? Not wasting anymore of my pain free time on ______________ (nothing)!
  24. Brain on fire


    Really @DragonKiller? If you'd just blown that parasite out of your nose 16 years earlier you wouldn't have needed any meds.