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  1. prednisone has been a major factor in breaking cycles since I started getting headaches back in 2007. My time on them has varied by cycle, but the most recent cycle had me as 80 mg per day when they started back in October of last year. At one point I was almost off prednisone when the headaches started again. Went back up to 60 mg immediately. My Nuero has me taper as quickly as possible because of the negatives. The taper schedule I use is 5 mg reduction after 3 days without out a headache. As of right now, I haven't noticed any long term side effects.
  2. First, thanks to all who replied. As Newbie pointed out, oxygen in Florida is a hassle. Had to have a specific script from Doctor before insurance would cover the mask. While waiting on it, stuck the nasal tube in my mouth, took deep breaths and plugged my nose. It helped tremendously - not as good as the mask which I finally got - but I was able to get relief within 10 minutes. Separated the d3 regiment and verapamil by at least 6 hours and it seems to have helped as well. Have been tapering of prednisone with only occasional minor headaches. Last thing I have done is started takin
  3. Been taking the D3 regimen at the same time I take morning meds. Will try and separate it by 8 hours as best I can. Take the verapamil 2x day.
  4. Thanks for all the tips. I have an air tank and will work on getting the proper mask first thing tomorrow. The regulator is set at 10lpm. As for the Imitrex, have tried the oral and nasal spray. Have not tried the injections. Have you noticed a significant difference between the nasal spray and the injection? Realized the dangerous of the steroid tapers, but only doing them every couple of years, it was a trade off I could live with. I take 480 mg of verapamil a day. Started back on verapamil once the headaches started. I have Afib and my cardiologist prefers I take diltiazem, bu
  5. New user, but have been a CH'er for 10 years. Cycles usually come every other year. For past cycles, have had success breaking the cycles with verapamil and a slow taper of prednisone. No such luck with the latest cycle that started in October. Every time I start to taper off (starting at 60mg a day) prednisone, the headaches return. Had never tried oxygen, so I got some this week. Results seemed mixed. Would say the intensity of the headaches is less, but not sure I see much of a difference in the duration. Typically, my headaches are between 20 and 90 minutes. For people who are
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