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    I would go sun neurolgus. He comments that it was after the extraction and on the opposite side of his CR. Maybe it could be a Neuralgia by extraction. it is a continuous pain others are like discharges. It is extremely painful as a CR but more desperate because it is continuous pain with ups and downs. that is my experience since I suffer CH Tic
  2. Entiendo que es radiofrecuencia en el esfenopalatino? Yo me sometí a tal cirugía ambulatoria en España. Un fracaso fue mi experiencia. También me sometí hace 9dias a una anestesia local del esfenopalatino. Otro fracaso. Diez minutos si llego después de la aplicación empezaron las crisis de CH sin parar. No sé si hablamos de lo mismo( mi nivel de inglés no es tan bueno y creo que mi traductor tampoco) I understand that it is radiofrequency in the sphenopalatine? I underwent such outpatient surgery in Spain. A failure was my experience. I also underwent 9 days a local anesthesia of sphenopalatine. Another failure. Ten minutes if I arrive after the application began the CH crises without stopping. I do not know if we talk about the same thing (my English level is not that good and I think my translator does not either)