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  1. this is my first conference, and with any luck, and a good day at seas I will be travelling by boat there from Toronto, should be fun, then from there down the river to the gulf of Mexico, I was thinking somewhere warm would be a nice place to dock the boat for the winter
  2. thanks for the tip, I thing I could try a shallow dive for the pressure , as it is a trigger I have found thanks Bill
  3. where do I find the app, I was thinking about a app for this, when I was lying in bed in pain and went to get up to write down the attack for Emmanuelle, and I couldn't get out of bed, lol, but I managed to look at my phone,
  4. getrdone


    I have been diagnosed with chronic CH, and have many life alter experiences of late with this nasty disease which includes my house and business for sale , and applying for disability , which cant be done because of being self employed, But after applying for the clinical research being done , I as willing to wait to use this information to help others, but being the companionate group I have found here this has been a god send and was advised to start mm treatment ,, and ,, wow,, had immediate results, I am on the second dose this past weekend and after a 12/10 seemed like a 10 hour head busting blast of pain , I awake after speeding the whole time in bed, with no pain, but felt like I was run over by a truck thou , and did not make it to work the next day because I was all day in bed again , but less severe and less frequent attaches , knowing the side effects of the mm treatment my significant other who is monitoring the results to try and help with this study , there was 1/2 the pain through the 2nd dose and went 2 days pain free, but as I am writing this letter have had a session with this CH *&)(%*&&%)&)_*(&^^, , but that being said apparently the best result are after 3 treatment 5 days apart =or- 2 days , so this week it is time for the last treatment in this series, wish me luck, hope I can help and will be in touch, thanks Bill
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