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  1. The newer STAT Pen that they use for the Imitrex makes it VERY difficult to take apart. I'm guessing the dosages they put in the pens (6mL) are necessary for some type of headache? Maybe migraines? Otherwise why double the dose that is needed to abort the headache for no apparent reason? I have read so much on this website the last couple of days, I really think I may want to give busting a try.
  2. I tried using Red Bull to stop a CH during onset and it worked! I was very happy to find something that is not medication per se that can abort an attack. Learned about that trick here on clusterbusters.org. Thanks!
  3. I am going to give the o2 a shot one more time with the specific mask identified. I would need to continue to have my Imitrex shots handy because o2 simply is not that portable, so bringing it to work wouldn't be prudent. 5 hour energy with that seems like it might work as well.
  4. I tried O2 with no help. I'm thinking of considering it again, this time with the mask sold on clusterheadaches.org which is specific to our conditions. I'm going to add the Benadryl in soon, taken at night since I will just be a zombie otherwise. I just got my regimen back up and running after missing 2 weeks. So I'm going to load my Vit-D again. I have seen the high doses of Verapamil out there, but my Doctor told me he doesn't like going above 360. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Sorry this was a duplicate posting. My fault.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm Charles, a 39 (nearly 40) year old CCH patient. My headaches began coming on around age 24-25. I would wake up with what felt like the beginnings of a stuffy right nostril/sinus headache. Eventually, I would be rocked with pain behind my right eye as though I was being stabbed from the inside of my eye socket. Feelings of nausea and a complete inability to concentrate on anything would come on quickly. Sometimes I could (early on) get rid of the headache during initial stages with high doses of tylenol/ibuprophen and lots of coca-cola. Finally, I went to see my GP who misdiagnosed me with ocular migraines and prescribed 20mg Imitrex nasal spray. This treatment worked for a little while, but soon became about 50-50 effective/not effective. About 2 years ago I found a neurologist who is a headache specialist near me (lucky). He put me on Verapamil as a preventative (initially 240mg/day) and prescribed me the STATpen Imitrex 6mL dose. My injections of Imitrex are about 98% effective in aborting my CH. Since I was not seeing any real reduction in the number of attacks he upped me to Verapamil 360mg/day, Depakote 500mg/2x day. For anxiety purposes I take 50 mg of Zoloft daily as well just for full disclosure. Initially when I began the new cocktail (depakote, verapamil) I was super strict watching triggers and went down to 1 attack per month that needed imitrex. I would have maybe some shadows or Kip 1 attacks that seemed to respond to Aleve. However, my diet has been iffy at best and I'm at a terrible time of year for me (change in season) and I have been having a lot of attacks necessitating my rescue meds (Imitrex) to kill the pain. I really want to get these under control. Getting back to 1 per month and hopefully down the road maybe a longer remission. Wishing all my fellow sufferers the best!! Triggers: Alcohol, Fluctuations in air pressure, Large temp fluctuations, aged cheeses, lack of sleep, periods of high stress, not drinking enough water. Additional information: I am trying the approach found at this link right now: https://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 My Next Appointment: My follow up is the last week in April.
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