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    The Jesus Shot

    I am so sorry to intrude on this forum, but when I was researching this "Jesus" shot for my dad, I stumbled across this forum and was the clincher for me to tell him "go for it." So I wanted to tell you his results. He has suffered with chronic debilitating back pain for approximately 17 years. Weather... overworking.... standing on his feet, etc.... all of these would knock him down for a couple of days afterwards. If he spent all day at my son's baseball tournament, the next two days he would be in a recliner in severe pain, but he did it anyway. He had this shot ten days ago. He has been pain free since then! He spent the following weekend after the injection at a tournament and was able to stand and talk to our friends. Yesterday, he spent all day in the saddle or at the barn walking a horse that was colicking, two hours at the vet, and then came home and played catcher for my son to pitch. NO PROBLEMS! I'm in tears at the change in him! My uncle went Monday who has suffered with severe migraines that leave him bedridden. Yesterday's report was he has been pain free since then. I wanted to give these testimonies in case someone was like me... searching for answers to this shot. It has truly changed not only my dad's life but even his family's life with him being pain free for the first time in years. He often said "the only way I will be pain free is when I'm dead." He had no idea he'd be able to have quality of life again on this side of the dirt! Thank you for letting me tell his story. Shadawn