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  1. jon019 I don't know, there's one guy in my city who makes this remedy using herbs and alcohol, the ingredients are the secret (he makes money with it). I just know, that it's plant-based, it contains alcohol and helps everyone who uses it. I discovered this cure and I wanted to let everyone know about it and now you're just arguing with me. Do you think I shouldn't have told that to anybody? Wouldn't YOU tell everyone?
  2. It helped me and some other people too and I want everybody to know. If you found a cure, would you hide it? I cannot hide it because I truly know the pain. This has changed my life and I want to tell everybody to make them happy. If you don't want it, then nobody's forcing you, if you want be a skeptic and be unhappy. I'm just informing others and letting them know that there is a way out. I hope you'll find your solution!
  3. Potter i'm offering it for free, in order for you to see that there is a cure. nothing more
  4. i bought this medicine, i know it is plant-based, but i don't know the ingredients, and i don't think, anybody's going to tell me secret ingredient.
  5. Finally! I have found way out! The medicine which helped! No more Cluster pain! I overcame the season which lasted for one year just in three pains! Sounds like a miracle but it is true. The cluster pains started in 2000. You know how it is. I have tried everything! The course of Prednisolone has damaged my health. Here in Post Soviet country lithium is also popular, I tried this too. Lithium just ruined my health, it limited my movements, I was handicapped and needed crutches, but the pain did not go away. Of course everyone knows the course of Verapamile, which I don’t even know why was inve
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