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  1. Everyone here has been offering helpful suggestions, and I came off as an ass. I had misread a perfectly friendly response as being critical, only to re-read it and find that it was not. There's no excuse, so please accept my apology!
  2. True; Migraine Headaches and Cluster Headaches aren't your typical run-of-the-mill headache (treatable with OTC aspirin or acetaminophen). No, cluster headaches and Migraines can render a man bedridden and suicidal. However, they are classified as such, as headaches are defined as "a continuous pain in the head." There are many different types of headaches, tension, organic, migraine, cluster, etc. and these all fall under the heading "headache". I just wanted to clarify that it is not my intention to equate MH or CH to the common headache. I will try to be more sensitive about this in the f
  3. Understood! And please accept my apologies! Perhaps it is wishful thinking, or maybe I am in the wrong place. I certainly hope not. I have lost so much of my life due to headaches, I would do anything to be rid of them! I spend much of my time in TOTAL isolation. I haven't had a relationship in years. So it helps me to bitch about it, because in real life I am silent on the issue, for fear of sounding like a malingerer. If I am in the wrong place, I totally apologize, as I have noticed sparsity when it comes to migraine talk. Yet, when I read about people going months without headaches, when t
  4. Thanks for the reply... I think you might be a little confused. Maxalt is in the same class as sumatriptan. In fact I was prescribed that first, but the muscle tension it caused led the dr. to switch to maxalt. So... yeah. Anyways, I've tried vitamin injections, too. Obviously I havent tried everything. It is a saying, which translates roughly to "I have tried all available treatment options". I'm sure somewhere, getting bit by a rattlesnake is a treatment to headaches. Obviously, I haven't tried that. It's not available to me. That goes without saying. Do I really need to
  5. So, I started to get migraine headaches around the age of 12 or 14. My mom took me to the family doctor, who prescribed Vicodin and referred me to a neurologist. I took the Vicodin and immediately fell in love with it. I started to overuse them, running out early, and making excuses as to why they were gone. As I got older, my headaches got worse. In high school I started to buy drugs, and was in full blown heroin addiction by the age of 22. Around this time I got a car for my birthday, and while driving I nodded off and crashed it. I told everyone that I had swerved the car in order to avoid
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