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    The Jesus Shot

    Hello all on this forum! I'm glad to find you and just as newbie, shadawnb, stated above I am kind of barging in on your forum not because I have any issues but because I ran across the forum as I was searching out positive results that folks have had with the "Jesus shot" and Dr. Mike. I knew the good must be on the web somewhere. I had read so much negative from main stream media and about the first four pages of Google results, but I knew there were amazing testimonies because we have run across 4 people just in our little Texas town that have had amazing results with this shot and also they know others that have had the same. I'm looking into it for a friend that has fibromyalgia to see what people might have said. I've seen some amazing testimonies. I would like to share the second-hand testimonies we got from the 4 people I mentioned, if that's ok. I wish we could start a blog of some sort just for "Jesus shot" testimonies that would help all people that might be searching for truth. It would be hard to keep out the naysayers because I've seen a lot of those people commenting on web forums about how they "can't believe someone would be so stupid to get a shot not knowing what's in it" or such. But I say to that response that people get prescription medicines all the time not knowing what the side effects might be or the entire story of how it might affect them. And people give their children vaccines all the time without questioning what's in them and trusting that they are fine and I personally know what's in them. So we are not "stupid" for trusting and hoping in this shot from Dr. Mike. And the first-hand testimonies of many people that are coming out to tell their truthful experiences are just from common folks telling their stories of what happened. Sorry about going on. Here is how we first heard about the Jesus shot: About a year ago my son decided to quit taking piano lessons so we put his little piano up for sale. A retired preacher and his wife wanted it and came to buy it. We got to talking as we were loading the piano. He and his wife were probably in their late 60's. He said that he had arthritis pain so bad that his fingers were curled and his joints hurt and he had to walk with a walker. He was in constant pain. His wife had some similar ailment maybe fibromyalgia (I can't remember) but they were both in pain. They had several friends that had spoken of the miracle with this shot. So they decided to go to Oklahoma and get the shot; and after the first shot both of them were pain free and loving life. He was no longer on a walker and was doing well as he loaded up his little piano. He gave us Dr. Mike's number. Then later this year just a few weeks ago my husband was standing in the line at Walgreens waiting for our prescriptions, and he and this other gentleman struck up a conversation. This man was from Cross Plains, Texas, and we live in Blanket, Texas. He said his wife had fibromyalgia so bad that she was in the bed most of the day with severe pain and that they had even called their family and called off Christmas because she was not doing good enough to celebrate with them. He said that there was a group from Cross Plains that traveled together to go get this shot in Oklahoma from Dr. Mike. That is how they heard about it and thought they should give it a try too. After they both got the shot he said his arthritis pain was gone and most of all his wife was a new woman with no pain. She went straight home and started cleaning her house and working around like she hadn't done in years. He was really thankful and was sharing his testimony with my husband. So, I've kept these things in my mind and as I thought of my friend with fibromyalgia I decided to search for more testimonies out there. And believe me there are many. I'm bookmarking all of them now and would be glad to share the links with anyone who would like to read them. I may start a blog with just testimonies. But anyway, I'm long-winded and I'll go for now. But thank you all for sharing your stories and I pray that your health remains well for a long time. Thanks again! Deanna Moseley, Blanket, TX