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  1. So glad to hear your starting to see some improvements. This beast is a tough one to tame but sounds like your starting to get control of him.
  2. I don't think I will be able to make it this year. Funds are very tight.
  3. I can't tell you how blessed I feel finding this site. Been dealing with these for the last 36 years. I did have a long break for about 5 years but since they have returned every cycle seems to be stronger and longer. I was beginning to loose hope and was fearful that I wouldn't be able to go on much longer. This site has given me some hope that I might e able to tame this beast and just having others to talk to that understand helps. So again thank you to all those who reply to my comments as well as to those who have written in any thread. Reading all your stories help give me strength to continue fighting.
  4. One more day before I bust. Lastnight was not a bad night. I still have a constant headache but no cluster and I can't even tell you how happy I was to wake up and realize I made it through the night without wishing I was dead. Liquid o2 is the same as what welders use but is stored in a liquid state. It's more of a high volume low pressure tank. I'm ordering a mask today. The only regulator I have is a standard welding type regulator that allows you to adjust the psi but not lpm. I assume I'll need one made for lpm not just psi.
  5. Thank you for your replies. CHfather I do not have o2 or anything other then imitrex and that's because of lack of prior knowledge. I just found this website and am learning a ton. I do have plenty of o2 available but no breathing mask. I'm a glass blower and have a tank of liquid o2 in my shop. I plan to take a 2.5g dose the first time and understand I should repeat at a lower dose every 5 days until I remain pain free then again every 3 to 4 months or as soon as first signs of a returning attack. Is this correct. And if that works do you still recommend d3 regimen
  6. I don't know how I'm going to survive these 5 days of imitrex detox. My last injection was 2am Wednesday . I have had 2-3 attacks a day with shadow pain and nausea constantly. I'm trying to fight through theses 5 days of detox with the use of Advil and heating pads. I'm having a tough time but plan to never use imitrex again. I'm going to eat some cubes on Tuesday. Do I have to worry about eating them while going through a attack?
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