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    no have not and thanks, ginger beer?? not real beer?
  2. So regular b complex is good?



    So a regular vitamin B complex will work?


    thanks batch!! On most of these but will revisit amounts. Your the best.


    Hi great friends, just got over episodic cluster and had for 3-4 months. Had not had them for 10 years but had for previous 30 years. It has been about 30 days of no clusters but having shadows for the past like 3 weeks a few times a day and getting scared for rebound. I have never ever had shadows before. 2 rounds of predizone and a bit of Imatrex tabs did the trick for me in knocking them out this past time. I am on 360 ver and 25K vit D program so far. Vit D level 6 months ago was 53. Any suggestions? I have not gone to Oxygen before and going to get set up just in case. Never had a rebound cluster bout before as once I had them knocked out they were useally gone for a year or two. Thanks. Kinda low Verap as blood pressure is really low with this amount. Tim


    Anyone out there have clusters that start in the ear and move up through sinus cavity into the head?? I have had clusters for 35 years and had a break for this past 10 and they came back 4 months ago and they start in the ear like an ear ache!!! Thanks


    Wow thanks! Ya getting appt with neurology to get set up! Can you get basic setup without machine etc? Also how long should I continue on the verap?


    Hi, Just wanted to follow up to see if others have had high kidney levels with Imitrex and predizone? And after a few months will it come back to normal? Had Clusters all my life since 16 and not 56 but had a 10 year break when I flew from cali to Bahamas and went with bout and come home and none for 10 years. They just came back 4 months ago and did the 240 mg ver and started the predizone 80 mg taper for like 10 days and imigrex half tablets at onset and worked pretty good. It did not knock em out bout then a month later did the predizone at 100 mg for first 2 days then taper for 10 days and it took them away!! its been like a month with no clusters and continue to take 240 slow release and starting to have shadows. Have not done the oxygen for like 20-30 years as it didnt work that well for me. My blood work on kidneys last year was 120 creatinine and bun 10 ratio. So kinda weird and think it was the meds?? Testing in another month. Kinda freaking that if they come back i have to use other resources. Also tried some shroom tea. Tim
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