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    The Jesus Shot

    It was a shock to learn Dr Mike has passed away a couple of weeks ago. Our prayers are with his family. Fortunately his brother in law, Dr Rick, who is a pedestrian is carrying on. I have been a patient of Dr Mike for several years. Seven years I had lower back surgery with minimal pain relief. I have had probably a dozen spinal blocks that lasted 30 days max. I've had seen chiropractors for months. Had acupuncture and a spinal nerve burn. I had probably 12 MRIs, 4 mylograms, seen many neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physical therapists. My pain has continued. It has seriously affected my quality of life. I heard of Dr Mike a couple of years ago from a friend who had been treated with great success. I excitedly yet hesitantly made the trip of Oklahoma. After a 45 minute consultation I got my first shot. It lasted 3 months. Pain free but I still had stiffness in lower back. I got my second shot. Pain free still stiff. It lasted about 6 months. I got my third shot it lasted 9 months. I got my 4 shot it lasted about 8 months. I saw a new pain management Dr. got MRI, several spin blocks. Spin nerve burn. Pain has continued. Went to see Dr Rick yesterday for my 5th shot. Pain was gone instantly. I know what's in the shot. I know why it was named the Jesus shot. I know Dr Mikes history. I also know it has been the only thing that has returned some of my quality of life. All and I repeat all other medical professionals have failed. Thank God for Dr Mike and his Jesus shot. It may not work for everybody but it has truly been a gift for me.