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  1. Does the caffeine keep you awake after the hit is over? That's what I'm worried about if I'm slamming caffeine at 2 in the morning. As it is right now I can usually fall sleep when it starts to come down. I just have to ride the devil for an hour or two first. Sucks, but at least I can sleep after.
  2. My wife used to work at the clinic I go to about 4 years ago so we know a lot of people there, and I've known my doctor for probably 5 years. If I show him good information I think he will take the time to look at it. Getting an appointment is difficult because he is usually booked two weeks out. I wouldn't see anybody else at that office, it would be a waste of time.
  3. Jon, Ive definetly noticed that staying calm and not thrashing around is helpful. I let myself get worked up sometimes and I just end up waking everyone up, smashing into things, and generally just making it worse.
  4. Thank you guys for the information. I really appreciate all the work everyone does here to help people figure this thing out. The shocking lack of public awareness to this condition is really pretty amazing. I was shopping neurologists this week looking for the right doctor and I would ask the schedulers who they had who specialized in treating cluster headache. And of course the response every time was "well all of of our doctors can treat headaches." And I then very politely told them that was not what I asked. Finally found my way to the recommended doctors list here and found a neurologist
  5. So my attacks occur almost exclusively during sleep and I wake up at about kip 7. Does oxygen still work as an abortive in this situation when the attack has already been ramped up this high.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm not currently taking any medications for anything. Was on ridalin for a week or two but it was useless so I discontinued. And depression anxiety medications I took in the past came with so many side affects they weren't worth the trouble so I discontinued those as well. I have heard that caffeine can work, but since my headaches are always at night and I work in the morning I am wary of doing that. Right now I usually pass out after the cluster is done kicking my ass, which is nice so i get a little bit of sleep. Do u know what oxygen costs and if insurance
  7. Hey guys, this is my first post here and I just wanted to say hello. I started a new cycle on September 4th. This is my fourth time through it. First one started in 2009 When I was 21. I Was diagnosed with CH maybe 4 years ago by my GP who recognized it right away. They come every other day, always at night although each cycle is a little different. Earliest was on Thursday it came at 7 pm. Those are not as bad as the sleeping ones. Last night was the worst. It started around 3, but I feel back sleep, woke up at 5:30 and it felt like my brain was bleeding. They have always been about 45 minute
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