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  1. I ate mushrooms in 2015 and had been pain free till a few months ago, it has been my longest remission period to date. So, i aquired more as of recently but have found little to no relief this go around. It could be the type or my dosesage, not sure where i went wrong. But i know in Japan shrooms are legal. You can Walk right up and get a cup of shroom tea, I’m thinking of moving there, just an expensive place to live.
  2. Japan shrooms are legal. Walk right up and get a cup of shroom tea, thinking of moving there.
  3. I experience my Cluster attacks around the same time as well. Between 7-9 pm and walking with one around 3am. I work hard all day and it’s when i come home and finally get a chance to relax that the attacks start. I have found lots of coffee sometimes helps me through the 7-9pm attack but not all the time. I only do this when I’m out of O2.
  4. Has anyone experienced any relief from the use of pyilsibin?
  5. I’ve been suffering from CH for over 20 years now and have smoked weed most my life. Remember smoking is carcinogenic and that may restrict blood flow from what I’ve been told. I personal have no relief at all from the ganja during an attack. And maybe it’s bad timing but there are time that I’ve smoke and had an attack soon after. I would ingest vs.smoking .
  6. I was in Costa Rica for 3 Months and had not one attack. Greatest time of my life!
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