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  1. My last level was 40 without any supplementation. I started on 10,000 IU a day.
  2. Thank you for your support! At least I am not the one one!
  3. Thank you everyone!!! I have had CH for almost 20 years and yes a mixed bag of headaches! I am currently on Verapamil for my preventative. I also take Magnesium and recently added Vitamin D as well as fish oil! Currently I don't have an abortive that works, but I am going to ask my doc to try oxygen again. I tried it the other day at work, and it worked! I am hopeful that maybe something will work. I have tried over 20 meds and many more supplements in the past and this so far is the best I have been able to come up with. I have looked up other hemicranias before, but I will look at them
  4. I get different types of headaches, CH, migraine, tension and some other milder type I haven't figured out yet. Each is their own animal and for the most part do their own thing. However, sometimes I get the classic symptoms of a CH but it is a little milder and it lasts 3-6 hours.Does anyone have an idea what the heck that could be? Same burning, sharp pain in the eyeball and temporal area, but less other symptoms of restlessness, cognitive issues, less photophobia, pain at about a 4-6. I am still learning about shadows and maybe that is what it is? I thought my shadows were another ph
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