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  1. This may sound a lil dumb...does the term "busting" mean to "thwart" or "interrupt" or "stop" or "abort" a headache? I did as you suggested in one of your other posts and typed busting in the search bar but it didn't come up  with an exact definition.  I even got specific with search criteria ....I'm usually pretty decent with research stuff...and deriving meaning from meaning from context...but this "jargon-specific", so I'm lil lost...

    1. Freud


      Yes you are right. I’ll see if I can send you a direct link

    2. Joseph


      Thank you... Besides the topirimate for prevention...i guess you could say busting IS what i do.. I chew four Excedrin (yuck af!!!) then apply heavy pressure to very specific pressure points which further reduce severity and length of the headache.. The trick is to beat the " ramp up" time... 

  2. I must be the only one on earth whos had a positive result with this medicine without any of the nasty side effects. Before I even had it prescribed to me I researched down a list of meds a came up with three which lead me to this one. I was having 4-6 a day up to 45 mins at a time. ( someone else always had to time them. the pain had me losing all sense of time). The medicine did cut down the frequency and severity of headaches 1 to 2 a day and can be any where from ten to 20 minutes. The best I've done off of it was down to maybe 9 headaches in a months time....I'm taking 300mg a day of Topiramate. But after reading the guys post about coming off of it and his returning 10 fold....that really freaks me out because I'm considering the shroom technique because I've heard of it's ability to rid of headaches completely up to three months at a time. Also, to that I thought there was a specific a way to do it as in I thought I to stop taking the meds before I dosed the shrooms....But I did wanted to say that I didn't have all that badness from the Topirimate that most experienced...I guess I got lucky on that one huh,
  3. Joseph

    thank you

    i did start taking topirmate one in the morning and one at night as opposed to both at once. And now I've also began taking magnesium, 4 250 tabs in the morning and a again in the evening. I've been catching a break with my clusters! I don't know whether it's the topirmate or magnesium or the combination of both. But thank God and clusterbusters for the info on it because I learned through some of the threads on here about various vitamins that may help and through other research learned that low magnesium lead to low 25(OH) which is a major contributor to CH. My research suggested upping magnesium to 400-600mg a day, (of course I overkilled that but for stooling reasons as well) can and will raise your 25(OH) level which will reduce or actually subside your CH's. I also have used the 5 hour energy shots when they came on quickly and the shots worked as y'all said they would, and for that...thank you.
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