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  1. Thanks Javan. Life is to be lived. I will keep you posted.
  2. Hi fellow fighters, I‘m Sunil and I‘m 29 years old from India and currently living in Berlin, Germany . I guess the beast has finally taken hold of me. My CHS started in the first week of Jul 18 and have gotten worse since then. I‘m scared of going to sleep, anticipating the beast will hit me. I’m going through one as I write this post. I feel like jumping out of my window to end this madness. I am a long way from home and miss my family a lot now. But reading the forum, gives me the hope that I will be able to beat this. I went to the doctor and she prescribed be Sumatriptan but just two tablets. My next appointment is in 3 weeks( that’s how it works in Germany). I absolutely miss my life and I believe once I’m done with this episode I will start to appreciate the simple things in my life and lead a healthy lifestyle. Btw, since I ran out of tablets, I started drinking redbull whenever I have an attack. I think it‘s definitely helping. I wish everyone the strength to fight this devil. Stay strong!! I will keep you posted. Sunil
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