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    Jawbone cavitation source of cluster headaches

    About 8 years ago. I broke my left front tooth in half horizontally. It required an extraction of the root. Approx 24 Hours after the extraction I experienced my first headache. The first headache was very very scary as I didn't know long it was going to last and it was pain unlike anything I had ever experienced before. 'Luckily ' it ended within ~ 45 minutes. For ~ 5 years I suffered these headaches daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, with a rare relapse lasting a week on occasion if I was lucky. After seeing Neurologists, ENT specialists, having MRI and CT scans, acupuncture, homeopathy and anything I could try that might help diagnose or relieve them, I was finally referred to The National Hospital for Neurosurgery and was diagnosed with CH. I just wanted to share this as there does not seem to be much information on CH that cites dental extraction as a cause. Since the CH diagnosis 5 years in, I now have Oxygen and Sumatriptan, i have been able to read up on all teh information surrounding them incl triggers and lifestyle, and they are now relatively under control.