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  1. I have been using 3mg of at night before bed, for a few months now. It does help me fall asleep which is nice when I have shadows or feel like I have a CH coming later at night - though it does make it difficult for me to wake up in the morning at times, feeling groggy like Jon mentioned above. I don't think it is causing any CH for me as I haven't really noticed any difference taking vs not taking it .
  2. Hi, I have posted before, just under a different user name as my email address has changed. I received wonderful advice, all of which I have implemented. My neurologist diagnosed me vacillating between/ with Hemicrania Continua and Chronic CH. I take Indomethecin which helps when I have eye pain, I just can't take it all the time which is prompting me to post. I just got my O2 tank w the right mask (finally) and take 360 Verapamil, with a possible plan of increasing though I really don't want to increase. I have Zembrace as an abortive which helps my headaches tremendously. And I started growing MM and am looking forward to 4-6 weeks from now. I was out last night and started getting the sharp stabbing eye pain and ice pick feeling. I think it was because it was hot in my friends apartment as later that night when I went for a walk, outside I felt some relief. I dont know, I need to keep looking at this as a trigger or something that exacerbates my pain. Can anyone offer suggestions on what works for you in the moment when you get this eye pain? Caffeine? O2? Thank you!
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