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  1. You are not alone. The knots and tension in my neck and shoulder travel all the way down my back. If my CHs go on for a few days, I feel like I've been in a car crash. I did get prescribed some muscle relaxers (cyclobenzaprine) which can help calm me down a little. I can't tell if its the CHs or if I just seize up from the head pain and clench for hours. I got hit with a bout of CHs this weekend and I am still recovering. I am having shadows plus I feel like someone beat me up and then hit me in a bumper car repeatedly.
  2. Well, after less than 10 days from the initial injection of Anjovy, the cluster headaches are back. October is my worst month anyway. So, I am treating them as I always have with standard abortive techniques but so far, Anjovy (or anchovies, as I call it) is no miracle cure.
  3. As I've yet to be able to convince my doctor that my headaches are cluster headaches and not migraines (he continues to insist they are the SAME THING), I left his office the proud owner of a tiny band-aid where I was pricked with a needle from a dose of Ajovy. I'll be the resident test case.
  4. I take my sumatriptan with 500mg of naproxen (poor lady/man's Treximet cocktail) which still makes me feel a little dopey the first day but the second day I am much more coherent. Unfortunately, in the US, I only get 8 sumatriptan tablets per month so I have to meter them out carefully. Everyone reacts a little differently to medication though. I've also been on a topiramate cocktail for 2+ years that has lessened the severity of my headaches but the first year on topiramate was ROUGH. I was willing to try anything not to suffer through another bout of CHs though.
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