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  1. yes I have also realized and mention the affects of alcohol on not only triggering but blocking cluster headache's. but the underlined question here is what if any chemicals are at work with the body to produce this blocking affect. can they be artificially produced? it just seems to me its an avenue to venture down. 4 month PF. loving the time away. ;)

  2. 81007 has asked have you ever been around cats? why? I have no idea, but in an earlier post I have asked for a spreadsheet, excel format we can all ask any question under the sun, with all questions and answers being unanimous. my goal is to see any and all outrageous questions may be statistically tallied. I have seen the other apps for which are not on this site and are not followed as close as all other post here. I too believe my condition was caused my head trauma many years ago. you brake a leg and incur some sort of nerve damage the problem remains in the effected area. still a firm believer there is a common cause for all.

    nobism site is nice for all that technical data, I'm thinking more of the outrages or common Q and A. sorry if I'm beating a dead horse. PK (post killer) :rolleyes: cya.

  3. Don't you think there should be a questioner in the form of a excel file with every question under the sun on it? for all of us to answer and or add are own question's.

    the results could show up as statistics or percentages. (just thinking out of the box) ;)

    anonymously of course ex:          yes   no   sometimes

    do you smoke?                                        x

    have you ever had a concussion?        x

    do you drink?                                    x

    does Topamax work for you?             x

  4. In a different post I've seen you cut up a 10mg Rizatriptan. I have looked at the side effects from that, and as for me it sure looks like a drug most people would like to stay away from.

    strictly for Migraines. as CHF has mentioned.

    buck says we scared you away for good. hope I'm wrong and you can give someone something worth while to ponder. will see.

    if it worked for you chances are it may work for others.

    Merry Christmas.

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  5. Card's you can carry with you:



    “I am a cluster headache sufferer.


    If I am having an attack, please do not call an ambulance, there is nothing the medical profession can do.   


    Cluster headache is a debilitating disease and is one of the most painful condition known to man.  They are also referred to as suicide headaches.


    If you are interested in learning more or willing to be an advocate, please contact ________________________________.”

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  6. seems to me, most of my hard attacks I go through have a half time, when you think oh maybe a shorty but no it kicks back to the previous pain level. just saying.:huh:

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