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  1. A year later, I'm also back it's sucks, shadows for 2 days then bang last night one of the worst I've had and this morning, sumatriptan didn't do anything injected nor did my oxygen really don't know why they didn't work as they usually do, especially the O2. I hope you find relief
  2. I have really bad tinnitus which goes worse minutes before an attack, I think they are related if I'm honest, because my ears are fine and have been tested so it's neurological, I also have visual snow which is neurological and all have ties to the hypothalamus, hopefully one day we will understand the brain but I think that may be 100s of years
  3. Hi Batch, I have recently had a few blood tests and was found to be folate deficient, this may seem stupid but would my work keep vitamin d levels up as I do get a lot of exposure from UV radiation from welding? Also basically my doctor said she has to write a letter to a specialist to get approval to supply me oxygen which may or may not happen, I'm in the UK and have heard it's a pain to get it, I'm going to buy some welding oxygen and a rebreather in the meantime, I might get a discount being a welder after all, as for tonight I'm going to try tough it out, I don't know how people wit
  4. Sadly I have a 2 week wait to see if I'm getting the oxygen:/
  5. Hello everybody, thanks for the helpful and kind replies it means a lot to me, today I went back to the doctors as last night I had two bad attacks which were out of the blue and completely different times to my normal attacks I think it was due to the ibrofen, I have been having shadows pretty much constantly so yesterday I took some ibrofen to see it'll help with them, it worked but I think it just held them off and caused a bad attack when the ibrofen wore off, it was about kip 8/9 luckily it lasted maybe 20 minutes and that is unusual for me, I thought well at least I probably won't have o
  6. Hello everybody I'm going to keep this short but I've been a sufferer for 3 years, and have gone through the annoying procedure with doctors saying "Get your eyes checked blah blah", misdiagnosed with migraines and what not and other doctors saying "not much we can do" with me crying in pain trying to talk to them and being asked to explain my symptoms during an attack, luckily one doctor knew what I was going through and I have been given sumatriptan injections, I try my best not to take them though... My first meeting with the beast was 3 years ago (maybe 4 but I only had 2 attacks that
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