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  1. 3 minute walk to the beach & orders oysters. Appetizer & as the main course. That is either over kill or someone flashing their spending capacity. If I was 3 minutes from the beach that'd put me near gathering my own for nothing.

  2. @Batch your diet reccomendations are good. Here is my challenge for anyone to use them. Limit spending to .49 (forty-nine cents) a day SNAP benefits,  living in a rural area food desert with no public transportation & no internet service. Garden would be nice but your wheelchair doesn't work on anything but paved surfaces. I look forward to reading how it is done.

  3. There are two options:

    1. Medical oxygen, by prescription. Don't be surprised, some docs don't know how to write the rx. Usually written Oxygen 15-20 lpm with nonrebreather mask for cluster headaches. Most get E sized tanks (a cart usuful when away), a large M size tabk for home, the mask (some use the cluster o2 mask) & the regulators you need. It is usually delivered. Insurance may not cover it, some pay out of pocket.

    2. Welders oxygen, I'd guess 70% here use it, the tanks are filled from the same large supply tanks as Medical oxygen. No rx needed (you can't tell suppliers it will be used to inhale, we have a couple of routines you can use if asked), you'd need to get a regulator, mask etc. Some lease tanks, some buy tanks. You have to take these tanks for refills.

    Links for details will be shared shortly (sorry I'm not great with links). Oxygen has no side-effects & has saved many cluster head lives. Mine is one.

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  4. ?What? To heck with flattening the curve, protect the 401-Ks & thin the population?!?!?! Keep in mind with the shortages the very people who can save our lives (not a good time for  heart attacks etc) will be the largest part of the reduced population. Less PPE, fewer to provide healthcare, less population but by George the financial markets will look good. World gone mad indeed.

  5. 8 hours ago, Rod H said:

    Today sucked less then yesterday. I wont express in words what I've witnessed so far in the last 10 days. I hope we start to learn to be less selfish as a society. 

    Yipee! Glad you had a better day! Hope other's are doing the same.

  6. I understand. Met an elderly couple at the end of yet another empty bread aisle. He looked shocked, "No bread, no meat..." she looked at him "What are we going to do?" apparent it was their 1st time out. Oddly there have been no local TV reports to inform folks of food shortages here. Enjoy that beer!! Rant if you need to folks.

  7. Rod H we love you for it. Nothing could have prepared us but being prepared for something similar. Part of the problem here seems to be the announcement Sunday the public schools were closed. One County over 97% get school lunches, not everyone has access to the internet, nor do they all have computers. Those will suffer the most, not only educationally. If anyone communicates with Major Tom or the crew in Houston please be sure to ask where we can get protein pills. Might as well keep a sense of humour.

  8. Agree! Wal-Mart isn't reserving the 1st hour for elderly/disabled. I'm no match for a mom with 3 kids instructed on where to go, what to get & where to wait for mom with the buggy to fill. Try again tomorrow, my last MRE for dinner tonight.