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  1. Former tri-athlete (& at a very young age over-the-top competitive at cross country & dance etc). As a result I can't buy medical clearence for anything but super lightweight physical therapy complete with constant supervision & labs. I over-trained at an early age to the point my bones are turning to dust. That was discovered after injuries (e.g. broken back) when I wrecked my bike while tri-training. I still swim, on a bad day I can swim a sprint tri-distance & I paddle & pull my kakak. My docs would just worry & want labs, so I don't tell them. When I get my hands on a horse (I'm not to ride at a walk) I'll ride at more than a walk. I won't sail over 5' tall 8' wide obstacles that don't fall or jump 6' down into water obstacles on a 2 mile cross country course at break neck speeds (broke my neck at 8yo). That could break me & I don't like to be broken.

  2. I am by no means against the D3 regimen. Speaking only for myself here is what happened to me just taking D3, calcium (separately & together) & benadryl. I took the std dose of D3, hypercalciemia. I took the std dose of calcium-deathly ill. I didn't talk to my docs before trying benedryl. I have narcolepsy, all I could do was sleep. My body is very sensitive. I can't take a niacin supplement. Everyone is different. Supplements & OTC can react with Rx meds & with each other. Sometimes it is as simple as how your body absorbs Supplements etc.

  3. Nothing like being 'comfy' in a routine of hits. I hope you'll be 'floating' soon. Curious... What was the rationale behind the docs advising you to stop the D3 in all or part? I know (for me) I can't take D3, calcium or benedryl. My body can't handle the first 2, my narcolepsy can't handle benedryl... I did nothing but sleep when I tried benedryl without talking to my docs first.

  4. On 8/7/2019 at 9:14 PM, Batch said:

    As long as you're CH pain free or have experienced a significant reduction in the frequency of your CH and your serum calcium concentration is within its normal reference range, your actual 25(OH)D serum concentration doesn't really matter.

    Wow that is a big change. Looking forward to the input on your update.

  5. Warning! Problems with the online plan finder for Part D shown here

    CMS released a draft version of the Medicare and You Handbook for 2019 online. It contained inaccuracies that were misleading in regards to original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Plans. In original Medicare beneficiaries can see anyone who accepts Medicare (accepting Medicare assignment rarely varies). In Medicare Advantage Plans you must use preferred providers. The draft version was, to say the least showing favor to the Advantage Plans by providing misleading info. You can read about it & the groups who had it corrected on thier sites: Justice on Aging: Medicare Rights Center: Center for Medicare Advocacy.

  6. I used DMSO many years ago, never for a headache. It was in every barn, veterinary clinic, sports supply store & in every athletic arena. During the years I associated with athletes who had trainers/coaches, worked for a veterinarian & in barns I only saw it used topically. I believe the NFL bought it in 55 gallon drums. It had a strong smell & extreme caution was used with it. We were told anything on our hands when we applied it & anything on the skin where it was applied entered the body with the DMSO.

  7. On 7/19/2019 at 12:04 PM, ClusterSwarm said:

    I’m not trying to ruin there good time suffering together

    I only posted to this topic again when I saw what came up in the original poster's 2nd hand quote because misleading people who have any medical condtion that causes any person to suffer is cruel. We do not enjoy suffering. The original title included the word 'cured'. We know it is bad when admin feels the need to edit the title of a post. That is very rare & was done here. The original poster edited the original post repeatedly. Those are all red flags. I care for everyone who comes here looking for answers & offering suggestions. I enjoy seeing folks finding something that works for them, sharing it & continually updating their progress with it. Because that simply isn't what happened here I will not comment further on this thread. Best of luck to you ClusterSwarm, I hope this continues to work for you forever.