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  1. I am wondering what the status is of the proposed clinical trials for psilocybin on CH slated for West Haven? I was thinking that the trials were supposed to have been concluded in 2018, and therefore a report would be pending now.
  2. I am moved in that direction. I am traveling till the middle of next week but following that I will attempt to contact you. Thank you.
  3. I have had CH for 50 years, exactly. The past 10 years have been chronic. I haven't busted, yet. It eludes me to put some magic together. Attempted to grow some once and flopped. It just seems so involved to put it together, the specialized equipment, obscure sourcing, the very elaborate procedures. If a Yale affiliate were to confirm psilocybin's efficacy, then busting would be easier.
  4. Thanks, Freud. I was hoping that the trials would be concluded and that the conclusion was that psilocybin was effective. Then we would be one step closer to real relief. I was much too far away to participate (Wyoming) plus I'm two years past the maximum age. I thought that Clusterbusters was helping recruit participants and so was hoping for some insight thereby.