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  1. Hello everyone, Just wanted to give everyone an update-- Had the beast pretty consistent for 4 weeks (through the holidays unfortunately), prednisone helped with severity and I also tried a testosterone shot about a week ago. For four days I was pretty much headache free except for occasional shadow pain.....then it just returned a couple days ago. Not terrible pain, but I've had to hop back on my oxygen therapy int he morning. The last two bouts I had years ago in college and then before that in HS, I don't remember getting a break and having them return. Is it normal for this to happen?
  2. Thank you so much for the responses everyone! Good to know that it is not unusual for these to change behavior. It's so comforting when you can talk to others that have walked the same road. I should have specified that I did get scanned in college and I was clear (thank God)! The neurologist said no need for scan because I have prior history and they respond to oxygen....I guess only clusters respond to oxygen treatment to relieve pain? Today was a better day.... I didn't wake up last night! (night ones are the worst!!!) in my opinion. I find myself counting down the days....having faith the end if near for these things. I will try the ginger tea JJinNJ, thanks! Freud and Dallas Denny, you would think just for peace of mind they would have me do one again, but like I said ealrier....the neurologist is basing it off prior experiences and that it is relieved by oxygen....
  3. Hello everyone, I trust all of you had a wonderful holiday, I am currently going on my 4th week of cluster headaches and I wanted to share a little bit about my story to see if anyone had any advice. I have had two other bouts of headaches in my life....once in highschool (10 years ago) and a second time in college 6-7 years ago. Fast-forward...this is my third time struggling with these headaches (now 28 years old) and I have similar symptoms. Pain behind one eye, extends to temples, cheeks, jaw and even neck (all on left side of head). I have some soreness when they are not "full blown". I DO NOT get nausea, balance issues, auras....only the pain. When I had them the two other times earlier in life, I always had them during the day and I never woke up from them. This time around, I am waking up from them....usually around 2-3 AM and now I get one late morning. My neurologist has not given me a CT scan and seems confident that I am a cluster head.....oxygen is my favorite method of relief and it works very well. He put me on prednisone....which helped a bit but not completely and he gave me a testosterone shot. The pain isn't terrible at this point, but it's still pretty tough of course. I use the oxygen as soon as I feel any pain..... I naturally have anxiety, so I am of course always concerned if it was coming from something else....especially since it's been so many years since my last bout with headaches. My neuro didn't even suggest a scan and firmly thinks I am in a cluster cycle. Do you folks have any advice for me on this? My headaches have seemed more scattered this time around than the last two times as well......but this is the first time I tried the prednisone as well. Your advice means more than you know....Thank you!
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