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  1. Hell all, Happy holidays and happy busting! been in remission from episodic since June 8th but that bout started Dec 30th last year and was bad, besides being my longest. I’ve held to the D3 regimen since, tho dropped the D3 to 5000. Anyways, my question is whether I’ve missed this in my research but is there any correlation with tryptophan being a trigger? I’m piecing together my attack periods and at least the last few I can pinpoint as starting within days of celebratory turkey feasts. Attack periods were skipped when I refrained from turkey dinner invites. Just had a delicious turkey feast for Xmas and then leftovers I was given, and lo and behold, low level clusters or shadows since. Stressed another period may start soon. Rizatriptan’s ready and I’m upping my D3 to 20000. Seems like I’m reaching for triggers but you bunch of cluster heads seem to know more than my neurologist/specialists. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Ty.
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    Describing CH to non-believers

    Difficult to read some of these as yes, very over the top. Most of us I’m sure have managed to manage these brutal suicidal thought evoking episodes and attacks. The first cycle is always the most difficult to explain to others, and deal with ourselves. I’m not a migraine sufferer but still find myself quietly comparing to others that these are worse. Slippery slope when comparing pain. No other pain in my 47 years led to me smashing my head against the wall rhythmically, rocking back and forth in tears holding my head or not touching my head ouch, writing wills while not able to give a shit about anything or anyone else I held dear. 5.5 years in since my first bout with episodics and still can’t explain these properly. If you’re new here, please stick around. You came to the right place. Don’t give up.