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  1. I was diagnosed with Cluster Headaches in Jan 2019. Since then, I've only had 3 short episodes, the first one being the worst. Since the first major episode in early 2019, I've been lucky and only had two one-week less-severe bouts. However, my left eye continues to be extremely swollen underneath... it's like a small lump below my left eye. The swelling just won't go away. My last one-week episode was four months ago now and still, I have major swelling under my eye. Plus, just this last week I noticed a bit of chemosis on my left eye as well. I'm wondering if this is related at all to having
  2. @MoxieGirl This was sooo helpful thank you! Good to know about the KIP scale. Already be on this forum for just 1 day has been so so helpful. I feel good to arm myself with knowledge! My only other question was about 'monster' - what is that?
  3. Hi everyone! New here - what is 'monster' ? "Beating them with 'monster' "- i've seen it a couple of times. Also what is busting? Need some help with the terminology : ) Thank you!
  4. Hi! I'm brand new here. Glad to know at least I'm not alone. I'm a 31 yr old female. Started having nightly / every other night cluster attacks about 2 months ago (nearly all between 2-4AM) - the 'pain' phase lasted for a few weeks, took a break, came back just once in a one-off night attack and now I just continue to have the 'symptoms' of attacks but no pain --swollen droopy eyelid, clogged nostril, etc. I've been pain free for 2 full weeks now. However, every morning I wake up as though I had an attack the night before. Sometimes too, around 10PM, the eye will swell, pupils get small a
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