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  1. Yes I have checked out the Dr list, I have a couple of names saved that I will be contacting. I am the type of person that likes research, so as soon as I am done with every book and cranny on these docs I'll set up appt. Thank you Freud and all of CB org. I am sure had it not been for this organization I'd be dead by now!
  2. Yes, right before a CH hits, I get a extreme rush of heat that will wake me up drenched in sweat. These sweats are worse than any menopause sweats I use to get.
  3. My pain in my right side leg(which becomes very weak), hip and knee is a 10 (on a 1 to 10 scale) where my cluster is a 25 ( on a1 to 10 scale as we all know). I ended up in the hospital (the Ohio State University) WASTE of time. Informed me I "probably pulled a muscle". I explained to them that I was in cycle on my CH and ask if they could be related...the two attending physicians didn't know what a CH was. For such a "worldly" hospital I was completely shocked to be sent home with an ibprophin and NO help or knowledge. Still searching for answers! If I find a knowledgable doctor that has any answers I will post. Cluster busters seems to be the only place to find any answers! Thanks for always being here!
  4. So this bout of clusters started 7 weeks ago. After 4 weeks I started getting horrible pain in my right hip, right leg and right knee(cluster pain is on my right side). I was wondering if anyone else had associated pain?
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