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  1. I have had cluster headaches for 30 years - chronic for the past 5 years. I listened to a video on YouTube- Dr Deb discussion of a study done on chronic cluster headache patients on a ketogenic diet. I started keto on April 15 - 11 days pain FREE - no medication- no oxygen- no cluster at ALL. It’s less than 10 grams of carbs per day but completely doable! I feel great, getting to sleep thru the night is miraculous! Please listen and please try it! It has changed my life completely! I know it’s only been a 11 days but I haven’t been pain free for 5 years ! Please reach out to me if you have any questions- I am in a heavy therapeutic level of ketosis- I test with a blood meter to ensure my level stays that high ( I don’t think it would work at a low level of ketosis) I don’t take any supplements to do this diet - no exogenous keytones at all - I do it all Natural! Again please reach out if you questions and I will gladly help any one find relief from these monsters.
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    Chronic Cluster Patient Pain Free for 11 days

    Hi All, sorry for the delayed response - I am strict keto - less than 10 net grams a day. No added sugar at all. I eat meat and vegetables, butter, cheese and eggs. My meal plan is balanced with approximately 80/15/5 so basically the only carbs I get are from fresh vegetables, its moderate protein I believe the key for me is definitely staying at a high level of ketosis with a lot of fat. ( this was a major change for me - I was very low fat and high carb) I would be interested in any studies on long term studies as every thing I’m.reading points to this way of eating as very sustainable with no adverse side effects. I realize some think it’s a fad and some who do it - don’t do it in a healthy way. That could be the difference- there is healthy keto, vegan keto, and all different types of keto but how they eating to get there? If its the fake keto chemical laden foods then I can agree - it’s not healthy I’m so happy to report I’m still pain FREE and feel amazing! I haven’t had 15 pain free days without meds in at least 5 years! Sleeping 7-8 hours at night with no fear or dread of waking up with one and being exhausted all day. I’m not sure if or when I will try to add more carbs, I’m not willing to try it yet! It’s been 15 days so still new to me . Also the only people who need to worry about keto acidosis is Type 1 diabetics. I will continue to update also wanted to clarify I don’t know about “cure” I’m using the word “manage” for now just because if you go back to eating like you normally did (according to the patients in the study) they come back. Thank you all for your comments- I would definitely recommend it to anyone to try and see what happens! It may work great for you too! Check with your dr tho. Big group hug!
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    Chronic Cluster Patient Pain Free for 11 days

    I’m not here to defend my position as I never thought trying to help people would truly be such a challenge and boards - this is ridiculous! I posted a screenshot of the actual video - these days everyone can search YouTube- If you read the top line of the post it states specifically “not that this will help everyone but... there is hope!” It seems you are more concerned with being the thread police than what the message is stating.... trust me - after 30 years of suffering I am very excited and sharing what I know works for me! The study of ME! It is not medical advice I am giving, I am not pushing any DRUGS, and am genuinely helping people..., I hope you find what helps you and don’t feel the need to always diminish people’s intent to help... oh yes I’m new - no I don’t feel the need to develop a relationship before I tell people what I found. I put the screen shot so everyone can find it on YouTube - I am here to help and share just like I have in all the other cluster groups I am in. - It’s not a popularity contest I could care less how many badges someone has - how long they’ve been in a group - we are all SUPPOSED to be cluster survivors supporting one another not seeing who can tear someone down.... if you had an issue with my multiple post - I was not aware the same people would always see both - so yes wanted to be sure I reached as many people as I could. You could’ve nicely commented instead of accusing me of “spamming”.
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    Chronic Cluster Patient Pain Free for 11 days

    As a sufferer for over 30 years... I’ve tried so many treatments that didn’t work... you have to keep trying until you find something that helps you - if not reduces them. As far as Dr’s saying it’s not healthy - me being over medicated from Pain is not healthy - my lack of sleep - is not healthy- different drs trying to give me blood pressure medicine when I don’t have high blood pressure - is not healthy. Keto has been used for years to treat epilepsy and so much research is out there supporting it - if you don’t want help and don’t want to try it - there is absolutely no reason to discourage others. I found out something that works for me - and the medical study showed it helped 86% of the patients. It is strict - less than 10% carbs but once you learn it you can very easily do it! People say Keto is hard - I say having clusters every single night is HARD— not having a life because of clusters is HARD - not being able to enjoy the sun because heat is a trigger is HARD - choose your hard! I don’t care if it’s been mentioned a million times .... it wasn’t mentioned by me! I am not spamming and I will not stop sharing my story and what is helping me. If can help just one person it’s so worth it!