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  1. I don't have a lot of answers, but I do have a 4 year old daughter and I totally understand that feeling of not being enough of yourself to be a good parent. I had a CH attack come on while setting up to make slime with her and it broke my heart to send her to go watch tv instead while I endured...it felt like I was literally watching my life be stolen from me. I bought RC seeds on tranceplants.net a couple weeks ago - they haven't shipped yet it looks like but it wasn't very expensive so I felt ok about it as an experiment.
  2. Welcome! Cluster headaches seem to be more rare in young women, so I'm not glad that you're here exactly but I'm glad we aren't alone! I had my first at 20 and am 36 now. I have not tried as many of the medications you mention - my last doctor prescribed me sumatriptan in tablet form which didn't do anything for me except propel me into a medication overuse cluster episode. I will say that 5 hr energy is a great abortive for me, and that I have had a lot of success with a procedure called Sphenocath, which is an SPG nerve block where they put a lidocaine solution on a nerve cluster in yo
  3. Oh wow, we really did get lucky for 2020, didn't we?! I'm sorry for both us! But you're right, we'll get through it! I hope you have some rest and some coping methods!
  4. In the total crap hole that was 2020, I didn't have ANY cluster episodes. On Thanksgiving, I felt some onset/shadow and aborted with a 5 hr energy. Then at 12:15am on January 1st, I was woken up (yes, because I was already in bed ) by a full ch attack and am now up to at least 12 for this year. I definitely slacked on my vitamin regimen sooo I've got that going again. Plus a dr appointment scheduled where I demand O2. I did the sphenocath SPG block procedure in the summer of 2019 and I think that is a lot of why I had a good run so I made a phone call about doing that again and am waitin
  5. @Snazzy93Mine definitely start in my neck! I'm so glad this thread got bumped because my cluster headaches affect my right side in my neck and behind my eye, and I also have a right shoulder/neck injury, so it has taken a lot of vigilance to be able to tell if it's my injury acting up or a headache coming on. My most recent and worse cluster actually started recently when I received acupuncture to help with my shoulder injury - I got two cluster headaches that day and then at least one every day for 2 weeks. But my shoulder injury felt better :-p I have often wondered if the inflammation in th
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