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  1. i didnt see anyhting on the new users tab about the d3 regimen is this what you meant i found this online SupplementDoseVitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)10,000 IU/day (Adjust as needed to keep serum 25(OH)D near 80 ng/mL)Omega 3 Fish Oil1000 to 2400 mg/day (Minimum of EPA 360 mg/day, DHA 240 mg/day)Calcium *220 to 500 mg/day Magnesium 400 - 800 mg/day (magnesium chloride, glycinate or oxide) Vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7) MK-4 1000 mcg/day, MK-7 200 mcg/day (MK-7 preferred due to half-life)Vitamin A (Retinol) *900 mcg (3,000 IU) for men, 700 mcg (2,333 IU) for women (Maximum Dose) Vitamin B 503 month course, after that, the 7 B vitamins in the Mature Multi will be sufficientZinc * 10 mg/day Boron *1 mg/day minimum, 3 mg/day optimum* Included in the Mature Multi in sufficient quantityTable-1 Anti-Inflammatory Regimen Nutrients and Suggest
  2. This has been going on three weeks now, it's always comes at 630 7 PM now they have been sporadic throughout the day but the worst and longest and most excruciating is the night time one. I have read that this could be the end of the cycle, is there any validity to this? Just need this to stop and looking for some reassurances.
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