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  1. Cadaver_Synod

    Vitamine D3

    @BatchThanks for the quick response and great information. I'm 32 and I haven't had a full blown attack in 5-6 years (that being the first time ever) and never researched it until now. I was getting some shadows off and on during the end of winter 2018 but again, thought nothing of it due to having terrible allergies year round (which i take meds daily for) and thinking it was just my sinuses acting up. About 4-5 weeks ago i was hit with one after mowing my yard. They seem to be hitting me every 3-4 days (after cardio workouts outdoors and 2-3 nocturnal episodes) and in between those days i'll have shadows come and go. I strive in the sunshine, so i'm always in it whenever possible. My mind/body has already been experiencing a great deal of relief already after 5 days of loading 50,000 and the rest of the supplements (which i've been on for years including your regime). I had no idea how much vitamin d3 meant to our body when it came to therapeutic levels and the knowledge of dosing. This knowledge i've been reading all over the board has been greatly appreciated. I applaud you of your work throughout your years in every aspect. I shall keep up to date after 30 days. Hopefully this rids the beast!
  2. Cadaver_Synod

    Vitamine D3

    @BatchHey Batch, I started the regime 5 days ago. I live in Ohio, USA and today i was outside in the midday sun UV 9 out of 10 for 2 hours with only shorts on and no skin protection (sun screen/lotion). I fall into the skin type 3 category (maybe a mild burn but gradually tans). Should i still do the loading dose of 50,000 IU on days that i'm in the sunshine for these extended periods of time or skip these days? I still took my loading dose of 50,000 IU today. Just wondering if getting 2-3 hours of midday sunshine plays into the vitamin d supplement regime. Much appreciated. .