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  1. Just got my results back on D3 Serum--my level was at 127. Normal range is 30-100. No wonder my attacks aren't with me anymore.
  2. I recently called my Neurologist and they informed me to contact my regular Dr. for a blood test. Well I called my family doc and they told me since I had not seen them since last September that I would have to schedule an office appt. first. Well that's Bull because my last appt. with him was 2 months ago (who's keeping records in this office?). I did inform both offices of the loading I was doing with Vit. D3 too. Not wanting to schedule yet another appointment I went online and discovered this site. https://www.privatemdlabs.com/ Insurance will not cover it but by the time I have an office appt. and an extra cost for blood work I figured it was cheaper in the long run to go with privatemdlabs. Total cost was $56.00 and the blood lab I set my appt. with is only 15 minutes away. Normal cost was $65.99, but found a coupon to save even more $$ ( in fact I always look for online code's/coupon's ) In fact I had my blood drawn this morning and they'll email the results to me in 2-3 days.
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    Have experienced cluster headaches for 15 years now. Finally went in to neurology for exam. Diagnosed as cluster headaches. I started on a small dose of prednisone for 5 days, a week later began 100mg verapamil 3x/day. Those doses began 20 days ago. I have not noticed any significant reduction in headaches (average 4-6/day) and is very, very depressing. If things do not improve soon I might have to search for more professional help. But for the time being I'll continue on with my research here. I've visited other forums/sites but ClusterBusters seems to contain much more information and it's also very active. Have been reading thru some of the topic's/messages here and have found a vast amount of information. Of course I need to study more here and figure out what all the acronyms stand for! Thanks so much for making this forum available. This is my 1st post so I hope I've posted it in the correct board. Jeff from Iowa City
  4. After reading of the Beer to avoid I found this in our wine cellar! Here's to a pain free evening to all! Jeff