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  1. Hello! I'm new to the site as well, and very thankful for it! I've had CH since my late 20's and am now 47. I would have considered myself chronic, but then had 4 years of being pain free after a non-related procedure on my neck. The beast has now returned a couple months ago and was gaining momentum. It started with triggers from alcohol and progressed to 6+ attacks per day/ night. O2 and sumitriptan have been the only things effective for me, until now. A little over a week ago I started Batch's Vitamin D3 regimen and it has given me lots of hope. I'm down to 1-2 per day and they are reduced in severity. I've also been taking 25mg of Benedryl a couple times during the day and before going to bed and have noted this to be a huge help too. I'm in Colorado where we have easy access to crazy potent cannabis and can say with full confidence that it has no benefit in reducing attacks for me. I may have even found that it may have even been causing a mild allergic reaction or elevated histamines for me and actually triggered CH at times, especially at night. I work in the commercial construction industry on large projects and am constantly under lots of stress and long days. I completely agree with Moxie that a reduction in stress is a trigger and has been for me. I also have similar luck with exercise. When having an attack, I'll start doing push-ups and can sometimes abort. It's quickest to be sucking O2 and doing decline push ups until I can't anymore- but of course that's tough to do in the middle of a work day... I've never been a good sleeper, but have tried to focus on it recently and will agree it is a very important component. I'd encourage anyone to read and try Batch's Treatment Protocol which I've taken the liberty of attaching. Also look for other related threads in this forum for additional information. It hasn't yet completely ended daily attacks, but I'm only on day 10 or so. CH Preventative Treatment Protocol for Neurologists - Jan 2017.pdf
  2. Just signed up, not a bot... Thanks to all and all the great content!
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