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    I stopped my hormonal birth control, because I was getting married. I had been on it for my entire life! Since I was 16! I’m 38! I got married. One month , to the day, BOOM, the BEAST hits me!!! I wonder if that could have something to do with it? I would have been just about to start my period again.
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm Chaunté! My husband Zach & I will be heading to Dallas from THE Buckeye State (OH-IO!) for our first Clusterbuster Conference in just a few days! Seemed like fate that we have close family who live in Dallas! Day 219 since the Beast decided to rear its UGLY head. It then provoked me to crawl up to my peacefully sleeping husband, I woke him up in hysterics and said " If I fall asleep now, I'm afraid I'll never wake up again. I think my brain is bleeding." That first day was the 1 month anniversary of our marriage I REALLY should have said " In HEALTH and sickness" instead of the traditional way! (We're HARDLY traditional anyways!) 219 days of cluster headaches later................ we're headed to Dallas!! Everyone told me in the beginning, "Stay strong. This won't last forever." About 2 weeks in, somehow I just knew this was going to be a longer journey than what I was being told. CH has (sadly) altered the person I was. It breaks my heart! However, I'm overwhelmed with emotion when I think about meeting all of you who experience the life-changing pain that I do. And can my poor hubster meet just ONE friend who really understands the 50 Shades of Crazy I go through during an attack? Haha Honestly, I'm more than blessed. He's basically a saint! Gahhhhh!!!!! I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed, anxious, etc, to meet everyone!!! Is there an itinerary for the conference I can print out? XO, Chaunté