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  1. Hello, that’s great to be understood... I’m waiting for more answers, I hope we’ll find out some solutions. Thanks a lot for your reply.
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Lou and I come from Belgium. An amazing person named Tony told me about this forum and also told me that I might be able to find help here. I will try to be as clear as possible to explain my problem because English is not my mother tongue, excuse me in advance. Dr. Bayard Horton has discovered two diseases that are both called "Horton's Disease". One of them is the Horton's Syndrome (Cluster Headache) and the other one is the Horton's Disease (GCA involving arteries). Apparently, the second is rare and less common than the first one. After serious exams, my mom was diagnosed with Horton's disease (GCA involving arteries) and the pseudo-arthritis (in general, pseudo-arthritis comes with GCA unfortunately). She suffers from arms, hips and migraines every day. She has difficulty eating because her jaw is painful. Despite taking cortisone to prevent inflammation, my mother still has severe pains and therefore difficulty walking. My first question is: Do you know her disease? If so, I would like to contact you to discuss and know the painkillers that exist... please. My second question is this: As my mother suffers from atrocious migraines, I want to know the treatments that exist against violent headaches. Having one of Horton's diseases, the treatments that you offer may be effective for her as well... My mom is like my best friend and seeing her suffer makes me suffer. I am very worried about her health, she does not live well, sometimes she says to me "How can I continue to live like this?” And it scares me. I do not know what to do to help her... Thank you in advance for reading my message and for your help. Lou
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