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    anyone else entering fall cycle?

    That's exactly what it is...when clouds roll in I know I got to start preparing for a rodeo of a headache

    anyone else entering fall cycle?

    Were still alive after these brutal headaches.. I got to give it our bodies to manage to be able to do it...over the past 20 years I have been to doctors all over Arizona..Neurologist as well.. Dr.Din from Tucson was the first one to know what I was talking about without having to google what I am saying...Numerous medication and oxygen that have no effect so i started my own tests...First test i did was hard on me because it's not me to act like this But I STOPPED GIVING A SHIT ABOUT ALOT OF THINGS..like what people think about me for one..or how late I'm up...I mean I still keep house and myself up to par of course but I stopped worrying about so much around me and maybe it's the stress level that helped me and it reduced alot..then when an attack would drop me to tears and on my knees I would jump in my truck and hit the back road with the pedal to the floor to hit my ADRENALIN and just like that my headache would be gone...almost everytime now I find a way to hit my ADRENALIN and they fade away fast...I go through alot of tires but well worth it to me... My Cycle is as almost done for the year I am down to my 1 cluster headache a day which is all year...better than 6 7 or 8 a day during the cycle...STAY HEAD STRONG EVERYONE

    anyone else entering fall cycle?

    Yes I am in the fall cycle myself after having a great year with just migraines the demon has made his appearance and dropped me to my knees as it always does when the cycle hits...The embarrassment of others reacting to me has been my biggest challenge lately because I dont like anyone to see me on my lowest parts of life when the demon decides to come out and play..And it seems like when I step out to a croud of people that's exactly when my cluster attack wants to hit me...almost like as game its playing to see how much I can take..BUT I WILL WIN THESE ATTACKS EVERYTIME..WE ALL WILL WIN THEM BECAUSE WE STRONGER THAN THE CLUSTERS THINK WE ARE.. Although they do hurt like crazy...lol