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    Prednisone Not Working

    Day 2 of Benadryl and I've still been getting my regularly scheduled attacks. Hoping for it to turn around soon. I will say that I am drowsy as hell all day
  2. Jlands

    Prednisone Not Working

    Episodic sufferer here in the middle of a cycle. Has anyone experienced a period of time where prednisone was no longer working for them? Prednisone has always worked 100% of the time i've been on it, for every cycle i've ever had. I took a two week taper at the beginning of my current cycle and it worked gangbusters as usual. Now i'm on another two week taper which does not seem to be working. Additionally, I'm getting multiple attacks a day, which is also unusual for me as i've always experienced just one per day. Thanks
  3. Jlands

    Prednisone Not Working

    Thanks all
  4. Jlands

    Prednisone Not Working

    Admittedly, I haven’t been getting my levels tested. I’m currently taking 20,000 ius but perhaps I should reduce it down to 10? thanks
  5. Jlands

    Prednisone Not Working

    Thanks! I’ve been on the D3 regimen for a few years, so I’m fairly certain it’s not that. I will definitely try the Benadryl. Much appreciated
  6. Jlands

    Prednisone Not Working

    Guess I’m alone on this one
  7. Jlands

    Emgality for episodic

    I am episodic and started a new cycle about 5 weeks ago. Was prescribed the prednisone taper (which always works for me) and Emgality at 3 100mg injections per month as stated above. After i finished the prednisone (about 3 weeks ago) it was time to see if Emgality was working. I've had maybe 1-2 clusters that I would rank as above a 5/10 and a few days of just getting the feeling of a headache coming but never materializing. The rest has been PF. For reference, during a cycle i typically get 1 per day. I'm pretty optimistic that the Emgality is helping.