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  1. Hi Spiny, so I’ve never been formally diagnosed but this is all that I’ve come up with. My doctor said men typically have CH. I’m a woman, so I guess to her it can’t be. I’ve been experiencing CH for about 15 years. The first time it started it was winter and I think that has been the trend. However, last winter it didn’t come. I moved to Ohio from California last month and here it is again. I haven’t started on my husband’s insurance yet so I just have OTC drugs. I’ve tried migraine meds in the past but nothing has really “worked”. I used to have the O2 but what I’ve learned from this group is that I probably didn’t turn it up high enough, so that really didn’t help. Oh yea, I used to take tramadol for the pain. That was the best help but apparently people were getting addicted so the dr stopped prescribing that. The cycle just started so it’s only been two full blown attacks and they come in the daytime and night, this cycle. I’ve learned again from this group, about the melatonin at night, so hopefully that’ll kick in. Basically, when they come, I take BC powder and ride it out. Last night I took BC and Excedrin migraine. They last about an hour. Last week there were shadowsb, this week full blown. That’s the jist if it. Thank you guys for your help!!
  2. Can someone please give me the complete D3 regime recipe list and dosing?? PLEASE. THANK YOU!
  3. So I’ve been taking aspiring and caffeine to in pain meds. I should stop based off the fact that caffeine causes CH?
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