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  1. Sure! Siegfried, I will surely consult a Doctor and would not rely on self-diagnosis. will get back to you once I get the consultation. Thank You, Siegfried, Shubham
  2. Hello everyone! I wish everybody is home and safe. Today is the 11th day and I didn't feel a thing now, What I mean to say is since I changed my lifestyle, of sleeping eating and exercising at the required time, everything is okay. yesterday and today I didn't feel a thing, it is like the pain was never there on the supraorbital. since I read about the decreasing level of melatonin which is due to the lack of sleep at night or being awake during the night. I started changing my schedule, which ends up in a pretty good result. I thank you Seigfield and Funtimes for your sugg
  3. Hello 'CHFather', I am sorry that I could not make you clear about how did I diagnose myself with CH. Actually, we are in a lockdown period amid coronavirus outbreak. so, I felt not to go out for a diagnosis at the time when the doctors are busy treating the infected. hence on the basis of my symptoms I googled and came up with the result that it is nothing but Cluster Headache, which occurs at the same time every day and it pains around the temples and eye socket. I watched some videos on youtube of people having CH. In a video posted by the Association of Migraine Disorders which i
  4. Hello Everyone!! This is Shubham Sinha, I am from India. I am experiencing pain in the left eye orbit. I have been experiencing this headache from the past 8 days. Before that, I had a sinus infection for about a fortnight, and just the day before I experienced pain in the eye socket, I did some abdominal exercise which included neck tension. I have a lot of questions about Cluster Headaches, how are they caused? how did I suddenly get them? are they genetic? and more. please help me I have watched a lot of videos of people suffering from the same and it is scary to see th
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