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  1. Hi all, Am new here and just wanted to ask some advice. Am only on my 3rd ever bout of CH so am nowhere near as bad as many of you on here- I admire how you cope with this. There are generally 3ish years between my episodes and seems to be no real trigger to them other than they have been around stressful times in my life. Most recently my mum died at the end of Feb and obviously the current situation we are in is stressful for us all. I should have noticed the warning signs coming but I didn’t and then bam! Been going for about 3 weeks now, on zomig spray when needed but am reluctant to take it too often as feel I should save it for the really bad ones! Don’t want to become immune to it! my question is what do you do in between CHs. At the moment I have shadows most of the time which I can cope with but are limiting me to what I can do. I feel like I sit all day waiting for one then dread going to bed as I know they will come again. Any suggestions on what you do to help you cope would be greatly received!
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