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  1. I've had cluster headache for about 4 years now. I've tested a range of different treatments, both from the doctors and some more experimental, but nothing's helped much. I was travelling to India for work about six months ago, when I was recommended an ayurvedic doctor who had been successful in treating an acquaintance' migraines. Although I was a bit skeptical, I thought 'why the hell not' and went. The doctor had mixed a range of different medicines for me, and I went there for three days for a treatment that consisted of warm oil being dropped in my forehead and rubbed in to the skin around the neck. Already after the first night did I feel better, and after only 3 days of treatment I felt better than in months. Since then I only had slight 'shadow' attacks, so went to an ayurvedic practitioner in my hometown in Europe, and I still have most of the medicine left, and so far I've been able to avoid the clusters. I have no idea what all the medicines contain but one of the bottles have a list of ingredients, so in case someone finds this interesting I post them here: - Terminalia chebula 0.79% - Terminalia belerica 0.79% - Emblica officinalis 0.79% - Swertia chirata 0.79% - Curcuma longa 0.79% - Azardirachta indica 0.79% - Tinospora cordifolia 0.79% - Woodfordia fruticosa 2.534% - Madhuca indica 2.328% - Acacia nilotica 1.1672% - "Guda" 29.14%