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  1. I'd be curious to hear how people's experience with Nurtec is going given that this thread was from 6 months ago. I was recently diagnosed with "difficult to diagnose" headaches. I have long thought I suffered from CHs, but my symptoms aren't quite textbook. I found this forum and just last week had an appointment with one of the headache doctors recommended here (Dr. Mauskop at NY Headache Center). He said that while uncommon, it's not unheard of that I don't fall neatly into one category. I have some symptoms of cluster but also some symptoms of migraine. He said the good news is t
  2. My CHs come with a lot of sinus pain and even a recurring sore inside my nasal cavity. I love the idea of a nasal spray for consistent dosing, but hate the idea of sniffing something right up into the area where my headaches happen!
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