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  1. I’ve never had swelling below the eye, but with each attack during a cycle, I notice that behind (and slightly above) my right eyeball feels swollen. It’s not a lump feeling though. It goes away though after each attack. That spot for me is the center of the pain and it radiates down to cheek, upper teeth on right side, back of head on right side and even to my right ear.
  2. Hi there, I started getting cluster headaches back in 2010. It started with one cycle that still occurs around the end of November to January. Now I get a couple more cycles each year. I’m currently 2 weeks into a cluster and for the past week I’ve noticed this metallic like taste every time I try to blow my nose. It’s the side of my face that I get the CHs. During each attack, that side always gets real congested along with the other common symptoms like face drooping, etc. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this during a cycle. I’m wondering if it’s related. In the past I’
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