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  1. Hi. I’m going to get the shot in a few weeks. Have had a cluster for the last 9 months and exhausted. Has anyone found success recently? If it works so well why are more people not going to see this dr? I understand it’s $300 and a trip away from some but if it works so well why wouldn’t this be recommended as the #1 course of action for any of us?
  2. Anyone have any recent updates / luck on this? Aside from the latest post (maybe from Dr Rick's office???), there doesn't seem be an update on this for years. Is the shot a scam or real? And if real why is it not more widely used? My neurologist wrote it off as a scam but then again...if it legitimately worked for some why? I did contact the Dr's office and they seem to be short / rude / give no information beyond showing up and paying the $300 so there is reason to be skeptical...
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