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  1. same here re attacks after missing a dose, my Dr told me if I forget/miss a dose, to take it between the next 2 doses. It certainly lessens the shadows/attacks that followed for me. I'd get around 5 days of attacks if I missed one dose but if I took it between doses it would be 2 days tops. oddly, the same thing happened when I changed brands, same dose, same name, different brand name... 5+ days of attacks, it took me ages to figure that one out! (I'm on 420mg SR/MR once a day, SR/MR in UK = slow or modified release)
  2. Hi @Bushcraft39, Your introduction to CH was the same as mine, Id get these intense headaches, regular as clockwork, 3 times a day. I thought it was my back problem (lower back injury) that had spread up and trapped a nerve or something. Dr's were no help (at the time) so I'd go and see an osteopath 3 times a week, (at a cost of £105 a week!) and it would eventually stop. Sadly it would come back many months later and I'd repeat my trips to the osteopath. then after a few years of this cycle they didnt stop. I like many others decided there was only one option. I decided to leave this life. I
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